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Cruel Solitaire is an abnormal solitaire activity, that many people think contains a low achievements price. Thorough preparing will allow the Innovative solitaire player to win more than 50% in the video games they Perform while.

The trick to successful cruel solitaire롤대리 is to be aware of when to deal from the talon. When you initial get started actively playing cruel solitaire, it seems like dealing from your talon randomly shuffles the playing cards, but this is not the situation. A deal with the talon just redeals the cards in exactly the same get they currently show up.

This allows an advanced participant to possess some information of what will happen if the talon deal is done… which vastly improves the probability of winning every single match of cruel solitaire you play.

There are actually selected easy-to-discover styles that support using this type of.

If all the stacks towards the left of the stack have 4 cards in them before the redeal, then following the redeal, the card that is on best will keep on prime.

One example is, suppose the 1st 3 stacks appear as if this:

Stack-A: 4 Cards

Stack-B: four Cards

Stack-C: 5 Cards using a five of Diamonds on top.

All the stacks prior to Stack-C have 4 playing cards in them, so after a redeal, the 5 of Diamonds will even now be at the best of Stack-C.

This is the same It doesn't matter how several cards are in Stack-C. So Should the stacks are like this:

Stack-C: two Cards with a 5 of Diamonds on top.

Then the 5 of Diamonds will nonetheless be on top of Stack-C following a talon redeal.

But if an earlier stack doesn't have four playing cards in it, then the cardboard won't continue to be on top after a redeal.

So if the stacks are similar to this:

Stack-A: 5 Cards

Then the five of Diamonds will NOT be in addition to Stack-C following a redeal.

Being aware of this sample will provide you with Significantly bigger Manage around cruel solitaire, and allows for some highly effective procedures that will vastly raise your odds of profitable.


As a result of above pattern, it does not generally seem sensible to move a card into the talon at the 1st possibility. As an alternative, you are able to hold the card, and just Ensure that you don’t put any more playing cards within the stacks into the left of it.

Using this method, you may preserve redealing, to expose new cards, and you may Realize that the card will often continue being in Enjoy. Only any time you can’t make any more moves in the event you then shift the cardboard to the inspiration.

This offers you one of the most opportunity to continue to keep taking part in, without having blocking Participate in. And it contributes to a basic course of action, which you can observe to win a whole lot much more game titles of cruel solitaire…


Here's a procedure that will assist you to to gain cruel solitaire. It isn’t fantastic, so you’ll almost certainly make your individual alterations to it when you recover at the game, but it surely exhibits the best way to very carefully Participate in cruel solitaire to stop blockages.

A – Locate the rightmost card that may go onto the talon.

B – Do each of the moves to the best of that card you can, setting up with best rank kinds

C – Redeal

D – Return to A

As soon as there are no a lot more moves which might be produced to the correct of the cardboard, then move the card within the stack to the inspiration, and then redeal, and go back to A.


If no playing cards can Enjoy, then order all the cards you are able to, starting with the very best rank kinds, then redeal.

That’s it!

It is possible to definitely tweak this technique to really make it improved, but I’ve made an effort to preserve it basic here, and it should really assist you to play cruel solitaire a good deal better than ahead of. Have fun!